Hello from your school's newly appointed Assistant Principal and Maths Coach Reece Freak. As many of you are aware, I hold this role along with my position as Year 6/7 teacher.

Over the last two years, I've seen the students and staff here at Parkside Primary embrace best-research and best-practice mathematics with enthusiasm, new perspectives and passion for the authentic. We've taken a number of strides in a short period of time and we're looking forward to progressing further in the coming year.

My Role as Maths Coach

My role as Mathematics Coordinator is to promote evidence-based practice within our staff group and develop consistency of approach, authenticity of context and effective tracking of all student progress. To take on these lofty aims, I have dedicated two days out of my classroom to meet and work with staff, students and external individuals - Thursday and Fridays.

On these days, I can often be found working with our school mathematics data, updating staff on DECD priorities, talking to staff about transforming tasks to engaging and open ended lessons, meeting with experts and professionals in the STEM field, organising school resources for mathematics, and analysing student work for targeted intervention or support.

Along with setting up opportunities for all students to excel in challenging, open ended mathematics activities, we're also continuing to support those who need some explicit intervention. QuickSmart Maths ( is currently running to support 12 upper primary students gain confidence in mathematics fundamentals, and has found considerable success.

The Junior Primary is also supported with the TooSmart! maths intervention program, which supports those in Years 1 to 3. More fundamental conceptual skills are practiced with TooSmart! and a focus on games, process and strategy is emphasised.

Students for the intervention programs are selected on available data - both from formal testing and formative professional observations. Our enthusiastic and highly trained SSOs Paula, Cassie and Lina run the programs and will liaise with me on student performance through the year.

If you're looking for better ways to communicate with school-based mathematical vocabulary or better develop your child's mathematics, please contact your classroom teacher or myself. Through the year, I will be organising school-wide maths strategy sessions for parents and community members. If you would like to attend these sessions, please keep abreast of Parkside's newsletter and/or the Schoolbag app.

My Other Duties

I'm fortunate to be leading the Parkside Primary Debating Team as well as running the Children's University program for interested students. Both of these programs will be discussed in future letters home as well as, again, in the Schoolbag App. If you'd like further information on either of these programs a little earlier, please contact me.

Kind regards,

Reece Freak
Assistant Principal and Maths Coach